Making Good Progress – The future of Assessment for Learning

Daisy Christodoulou

This book is all about effective assessment for learning strategies.  It is a research and evidence based book.  It starts by looking at what has gone wrong in the application of formative assessment strategies and focuses on why formative assessment did not raise the standards of teaching and learning.  

It gives us an insight into why some of these strategies went wrong and is designed to help us avoid the mistakes of the past as we introduce new forms of assessment.

The author highlights the differences between formative and summative assessment and why confusion between them has an impact on learning.  

The final two chapters in the book focus on Improving Formative Assessment and Improving Summative Assessment and gives us ideas for new assessments.  I believe that these two chapters should be read by anyone embarking on a career in education.  They are filled with good ideas but are clear and concise.

Another book I would highly recommend.