YES BUT WHY? Teaching for understanding in mathematics

Ed Southall

How often do we hear pupils or friends tell us that they are not good at maths?  What is it about maths which causes us difficulties?  This book is not about helping children get the right answers in maths, it’s about them understanding why their answer was right (or wrong).  It’s also about them understanding why certain things are as they are – have you ever thought about why you flip the second fraction over to multiply when you divide – yes it gives you the right answer, but why do you do it?

This book is well set out and is packed full of pedagogical advice.  There are lots of examples of suggestions for use in the classroom and it is filled with useful graphics.

The teacher tips are a useful part of every chapter.  This book would be a great read for any primary teacher as well as secondary maths teachers.  I’ve been teaching for many years and I learned a lot.  This book should surely form part of all initial teacher training courses.